Terms & Conditions
The Terms and Conditions (as may be amended from time to time, the "Agreement") is a legal contract between you being, an individual customer, user, or beneficiary of this service of at least 17 years of age, and Indian Railways(IR) through Centre for Railway Information Systems(CRIS), an IT arm for Ministry of Railways having its registered office at Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021 and all services are rendered by IR through its platform under the brand name 'utsonmobile'. Hence all the rights, benefits, liabilities and obligations under the following terms and conditions shall accrue to the benefit of IR. (together with its subsidiaries and other affiliates, "us", "We" or "IR"), regarding your use of our prepaid "Railway Wallet"(R-Wallet) for purchasing tickets and recharge of R-Wallet services to topup money in the R-Wallet or such other services which may be added from time to time (all such services are individually or collectively are referred as Service or Services as the case may be).

Service can be used by you, subject to your adherence with the terms and conditions set forth below including relevant policies. IR reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to revise, add, or delete portions of these terms and conditions any time without further notice. You shall re-visit the "Terms & Conditions" link from time to time to stay abreast of any changes that the "Site" may introduce.


The services are not available to persons under the age of 17 or to anyone previously suspended or removed from the services by Indian Railways. By accepting the Terms & Conditions or by otherwise using the Services or the Site, You represent that You are at least 17 years of age and have not been previously suspended or removed from the Services. You represent and warrant that you have the right, authority, and capacity to enter into this Agreement and to abide by all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. You shall not impersonate any person or entity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent identity, age or affiliation with any person or entity.

Services offered

The services offered by utsonmobile application are only for Android, iOS and Windows smartphones.
1. Booking of Suburban/Non-Suburban ticket.
2. Cancellation of Suburban/Non-Suburban ticket.
3. Issue/Renew Season ticket.
4. Booking of Platform ticket.
5. Recharge of R-WALLET.
6. Check R-WALLET balance.
7. Surrender of R-WALLET.
8. User profile management.
9. Booking History.

Booking of UTS Mobile Ticket

The user can book Journey Ticket, Platform Ticket and Issue/Renew Season Ticket using the Android, iOS or Windows apps.

Cancellation of UTS Mobile Ticket

The user/passenger is allowed to cancel the paper tickets booked using UTS mobile applications.
The cancellation of ticket through mobile applications is allowed only if the ticket is not printed at the kiosk.
Once the ticket is printed at the kiosk, then cancellation is allowed only at the UTS counter within one hour after printout.
No cancellation is allowed for paperless ticket.
There will not be any cash refund at the time of cancellation. The refund amount after deduction of clerkage charge, if any, will be automatically topped up in the user R-WALLET or bank account.

R-Wallet Recharge

We are the only seller of R-Wallet. R-Wallet will be issued with zero balance to all the users upon successful registration in the system either through utsonmobile mobile application or website(https://www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in). The user can recharge their R-Wallet at the UTS counters available at Railway stations or using the Recharge option on the website(https://www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in). The user can check the status of Recharge on the website(https://www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in).
In case of R-Wallet recharge through the website, there will be an additional bank charges plus service tax.
The service tax is applicable as per the extent policy, Govt. of India. The minimum recharge value is Rs. 100 and maximum recharge is Rs. 9500. The maximum stored value amount in this R-Wallet is Rs. 10000.
Any disputes regarding the quality, minutes provided, cost, expiration, or other terms of the Recharge purchased may be intimated to the contact details given the 'Contact Details' paragraph.

R-Wallet Usage

R-Wallet is a closed wallet of Indian Railways. Currently, it will be used to buy unreserved tickets from mobile application. Being a closed wallet, all the rules of RBI for Closed Wallet will apply to it.
In case of fraudulent use of your R-Wallet, the user may inform Zonal Railway to take appropriate action.

Check R-Wallet Balance

The user can check the balance of R-Wallet either on the UTS mobile application or on the website(https://www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in).

Surrender of R-Wallet

The passenger has to initiate the surrender R-WALLET request from the mobile application and he/she will get a secret code as SMS. The passenger has to go to the Railway Station and show the secret code to the booking operator and get the cash refund after deducting the clerkage amount. However, the surrender policy will change from time to time.

Blocking of R-Wallet

The user is allowed to block the usage of R-WALLET through Helpline number (listed below) by giving user credentials. Once it is blocked, then they cannot reuse it and no cash refund will be given for the left out money available in their R-WALLET.

Print Ticket

The user has to take print out of the ticket from ATVMs installed at the journey originating (source) station of the ticket. Journey is valid with printed ticket only in case of paper ticket mode.
By accepting the terms and conditions, you accept that IR may send the alerts to the mobile phone number provided by you while registering for the Service or to any such number replaced and informed by you.

Mobile Handset lost/non-repairable

One can give a change handset request with following copy of the document to CCM/PM office of the concerned railway zone:
1. If Mobile Handset is lost:
a. Copy of the FIR/CSR.
b. Copy of the Duplicate SIM CARD request letter given to Mobile Network Operator.
2. If Mobile Handset is non-repairable:
a. Copy of the letter from the dealer or service centre mentioning that the mobile is non repairable.
b. Copy of the Duplicate SIM CARD request letter given to Mobile Network Operator.
All the active tickets will be restored for new handset.

Handset Change Request

A person can change the handset once in a month if he has active ticket. The steps to change the mobile handset are:
1. The passenger has to initiate the change handset (IMEI) request from the existing mobile number.
2. The passenger can download the application in the new mobile device.
3. The passenger can login to the application using their credentials.
4. The passenger will use the sync ticket option to re-sync the ticket to the new mobile.
5. All the tickets will be bound to the new mobile handset.
In case passenger is not having any valid tickets, then change handset request may be initiated from the website https://www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in.

Mobile Sim Card Change

Users are not allowed to change the mobile sim card. If a user changes his mobile sim card, then it needs to register as a new user with new sim card mobile number and if there is any existing/valid ticket booked with old sim card then it will not transfer to new sim card.

Jurisdiction and Dispute Resolution

These terms shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of India, without reference to principles of conflicts of law. The parties agree that the courts of New Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising from or relating to these Terms, the Platform/Network or the Site. You expressly consent to the personal jurisdiction of said courts and waive any objection to such personal jurisdiction based on forums non convenience or any other basis.

Contact Details

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